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Providing Exceptional Red Teaming Services

Red Six Solutions is a professional Red Team. We are highly expert at the UAS technology, tactics and developments happening worldwide by irregular militaries, terrorists, and criminal organizations. In a world where the enemy is invisible and his technology underestimated, we are the one tool you must have in your kit. Red Six analysts continuously monitor the web for news reports and social media posts for adversarial uses of UAS and other unmanned systems. We peel away the hype and propaganda and rapidly report to our customers what really happened and why it’s important to them. Red Six offers unmatched threat UAS analysis which we deliver through flash reports, monthly rollups, and consulting.

A subscription to the Red Six Solutions’ Unmanned System Intelligence Service Includes:

Up to 10 recipients per subscription!

  • NOn the first business day of each month, you will receive a rollup report of UAS incidents with analysis of how drones were employed, where and by whom.
  • NApproximately ten to fifteen times a year you will receive flash reports on critical, time sensitive incidents
  • NYou can contact us with specific questions related to the impact of UAS trends on your programs
  • NAccess to all back issues of our reports
  • NManage recipients and payment information directly from your member account


Red Six provides open source intelligence reporting on worldwide UAS incidents. Our services include a monthly rollup of UAS incidents.

Click HERE to see an example of one of our reports


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