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report date represents the month the events occurred

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The month’s rollup recounts a wide range of UAS incidents. Although the Russia-Ukraine War continues to generate examples of drone warfare, there were also reportable accounts of drone activity on the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, as well as multiple law enforcement centered events.
In Ukraine, the Russians wasted little time in pushing into operation the Iranian drones they began acquiring last month. The most dangerous of these drones appears to be the Shahed-136 loitering munition which the Russians have successfully used to strike Ukrainian artillery pieces. The Russians have also begun to fly Iranian Mohajer-6 drones with precision- guided munitions; however, Red Six has yet to see evidence of Mohajers hitting targets. Both sides in the war continue to lose drones. Ukraine appeared to lose two more of their Turkish-made TB2 drones near Kherson. And the Russians lost at least a six Orlan UAS throughout the theater of war. Russia also lost more Kartograf mapping drones which have a similar form factor to Orlan UAS. Additionally, this report breaks down the components of a captured Russian small counter UAS system that appears modeled after the technical approach used by some Western counter UAS companies.