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This is the fiftieth Red Six Monthly UAS incident rollup. Red Six has been producing our reports of worldwide UAS incidents since November 2018. This month’s report begins with the Red Six 2023 forecast for domestic UAS threats which was released as Flash Report no. 20 during the last week of December. The Red Six forecast accounts for persistent UAS threats to include those along the country’s borders, by violent extremists, smuggling, and espionage. The report also describes worst case scenarios and a near term summary of future UAS threats. There are multiple incidents reported from the Russo-Ukraine War; among these are Ukraine’s unattributed deep attacks against Russia, GPS interference identified in major Russian cities, and Russia’s barrage drone and missile strikes on Kyiv. On the Arabian Peninsula, the Houthi rebels continue to use large multirotor drones for tacticallevel attacks against pro-government forces. In Yemen, there was also a sighting of an even larger multirotor, likely of U.A.E. origin, being used against the Houthis. In the broader Middle East, this report covers the Turkish employment of its STM Kargu drone in a counterterror operation and the loss of a Western-government developed Aerosonde reconnaissance drone in Northern Iraq.